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Assistive Technology in Reading & Wokingham

Assistive technology is a technical name for devices and gadgets that are designed to help people living with memory issues, the risk of falling, cognitive problems or sensory impairment to carry out daily tasks and live a more self-sufficient life.

It may be offered by your local council as part of a care package, but the technology is also increasingly available to buy yourself.

The devices and gadgets which contribute to Assistive Technology might form part of ‘telecare’ and ‘telehealth’ service packages where devices are linked to response teams via a person’s telephone, such as community alarm services, detectors or monitors of fire, gas or falls. The definition also embraces a range of technologies from low-level to high-tech devices which may also include more general technologies such as access to the internet which might have a role in promoting the independence and wellbeing of older people.

Whatever the device or gadget is, the focus is on maximising the ways in which such devices may be used by individuals, practitioners and organisations in meeting the needs of older people. The priority is to help people remain in their own homes, increasing their independence and reducing their social isolation.

In summary, Assistive Technology can help with many aspects of life for an older person, including:

  • daily household tasks
  • personal safety, including monitoring for falls, and security
  • remembering appointments
  • keeping track of your whereabouts or helping you find your way around
  • keeping in contact with friends or family
  • taking medication

In the same way that mobility aids help those with a physical impairment to remain active, assistive technology helps people with a cognitive or sensory impairment to get on with their daily life.

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