What is good quality home care?

What is good quality home care?

Whether you’re looking to start home care for yourself or a loved one, or you’re thinking about changing your care provider, you may be wondering ‘What is good quality home care?’. With so many providers out there it can be hard to know what to look for, and finding the right match for yourself or your loved one is really important to secure the best possible care. Good care should make you feel empowered, be tailored around your individual needs, and keep you safe at all times.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes home care great.

1. Person-centred care

We think amazing care means taking a holistic approach to a person’s wellbeing. At Heroes Homecare, our fresh approach to care means just that; there are many factors that affect a person’s wellbeing, and although health plays a big role, it’s not the only thing to consider. Your care provider should put together a bespoke care plan after your initial assessment, so make sure to tell them exactly what you or your loved one want to get out of care. Good carers are also companions, chaperones, dog walkers, handy in the kitchen, and happy to share hobbies. Care providers should be able to offer flexible, personalised services to meet those needs.

2. Forming a support network

A good Care Assistant should fit into you or your loved one’s support network. That means valuing and involving the people who are important to you or your loved one, as well as working closely with the wider care network of social workers and health professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for the person receiving care. Helping you or your loved one maintain your connection to the community is also really important. The benefit of home care goes beyond simply living in your own house, it’s about providing the extra support you need to live your life exactly as you want to live it.

3. Continuity of care

Your care provider won’t be able to guarantee that you or your loved one will have the same carer at every visit. They need to be able to cover for people on holiday or off sick, for example, so instead think of care as a small, dedicated team of individuals who are all trained to know exactly how to support you or your loved one. This is why the care plan is so important, it will help any member of the team to deliver exactly the right level of care. When you have your initial meeting with the Registered Manager, ask them how they handle late or missed visits and how you or your loved one can get in touch with them between visits to ensure round the clock access to care.

4. Investing in people

Carers come from all walks of life, and that’s great for finding a good personality match and making sure visits are enjoyable for all parties. Good care providers should invest in their staff and provide ongoing training to help them do their jobs effectively. Helping people to develop their careers is also a great way to boost staff retention, which means better continuity of care for you or your loved one. 

When you’re looking for home care, providers should be actively helping you to make the right choice. It should never be difficult to find out more about their services or to find reviews from happy clients.

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