What is the role of companionship care?

What is the role of companionship care?

It’s often said that we’re facing a loneliness crisis here in the UK, and it’s a condition that disproportionately affects older people – two-fifths of the 3.9 million older people surveyed by Age UK said the TV is their main source of company. At Heroes Homecare, we offer companionship care in Reading and Wokingham to help clients maintain their social networks, spend better quality time with their families, and to connect with a Hero they’ll enjoy spending time with.

Who is companionship care for?

Companionship is one of the most important aspects of caring for someone, and we believe that every interaction with a client should provide an opportunity for a chat and catch up, whether our clients want to chat about a hobby or share a concern about their health.

Companionship care is for people seeking the social aspect of care, who might not have any other requirements. For families who live far away from their loved one, it provides reassurance that someone is keeping an eye on them regularly, and the fact that it’s a highly skilled carer offers additional peace of mind should their loved one need any further assistance.

What does it look like?

At Heroes Homecare, companionship care is just like having an extra member of the family around. Someone to chat to, share hobbies and interests with, and who can chaperone your loved one on trips.
Having someone to talk to and to feel listened to in return is an important part of overall wellbeing for a lot of people. We want to hear your loved one’s stories and share their memories, as well as helping them to keep in touch with friends and family.

For many clients, it can also be useful to have a younger carer around to help them with technology; for example we can help to set your loved one up to video call the rest of the family, make sure their TV is programmed the way they like it and check any smart devices around the house are working properly.

Our Heroes are also trained to manage complex conditions, like dementia, and can help your loved one to enjoy stimulating activities, memory games, or keep on doing the things they love for longer.

Like all the services we provide, companionship care is completely tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual. If a client wants company on the way to meet a friend but wants us to disappear while they catch up, that’s fine with us. We’ll be waiting discretely to accompany them on the way back. If they need someone to muck in and help them in the garden, we’ll be ready with our trowel and our best chat and, for those jobs we can’t do ourselves, with our local knowledge we can recommend a trusted plumber, builder or handyman and can even help phone around to get the best quote for any work that might need doing.

Providing peace of mind

Unfortunately, we live in a world where scammers and those ready to take advantage of society’s most vulnerable people are rife. Having a team of dedicated companions can help to keep your loved one safe and be a second person in the house during visits from tradespeople.

It’s also common for people living alone to feel stuck in a rut, and having a regular companion visiting can help to keep them motivated to get out and about and to maintain their friendships in the community.

We have a diverse team of Heroes on our staff and we make every effort to match your loved one to someone with shared values, hobbies and interest to make the time they spend together extra special.

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